Fold-out Table

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Fold Out Table For the Land Rover Discovery 1 & Discovery 2

This is the Fold-out Table made for the adventurous among us.

Why a Fold-out Table?

Why did we create a Fold-out Table? Simple, there is nothing easier than opening your back door, opening the table and preparing a cup of coffee along the road when you are thirsty.

For whom?

We conceived and made the Fold-out Table for the Overlanders among us, also known as Adventurers.

The Overlanders like to travel on gravel paths, prefer wild camping and enjoying nature. With the Fold-out Table you can make maximum use of the time and enjoy nature.

Material & dimensions:

The Fold-out Table is CNC laser cut from stainless steel, furthermore stainless steel bolts and nuts are used.

  • The dimensions of model 1 when folded are 50x40x3cm.
  • The dimensions of model 2 when folded are 50x40x4.5cm.

Available models:

We have a number of different models of the Fold-out Table.

  • Model 1: Model 1 is our Basic model. This consists of only the Fold-out Table with 1 table part. Model 2: Model 2 is a modified basic model. This means that the Fold-out Table has an extra slide-out part. This slide-out is mounted at the bottom and you slide this part out from left to right.